Legal Perspective 2

Pursuant to the open letter, Mr. Jauhar, Chairman of Mirambika, again called for an Open House and tried to shoot down the contents of the letter. However failing to do so, he agreed to a legal representation from the parent community and their “help” in resolving the issue. A focus group meeting happened, which was attended by the following people:

1)     Tara didi

2)      Sulochana didi

3)      Jayanthy didi

4)      Mr. Vikrant Abrol – Parent Representative Mirambika

5)      Mr. Pranjal Jauhar– Sri Aurobindo Education Society

6)      Mr. Anil Bhalla , Grandparent & Chairman, Vatika Group

7)      Mr.  Narendra Gehlot, Parent & Director, Indiabulls

8)      Dr. Vinay Garodia , Parent & Eye Surgeon

9)      Mr. Prabhat Garg , Parent & Entrepreneur

10)   Mr. Aman Bahl , Parent & Entrepreneur

11)   Mr. Ajay Jugran , Parent & Advocate

12)   Mr. Kamal Kansara , Parent & Photographer

13)   Mr. Suman Doval , Parent & Advocate

14) Mr. Gautam Laha , Parent & Advocate

1 5)   An external legal expert called by Sri Aurobindo Education Society.

A point to be noted here was the presence of Mr. Anil Bhalla and Mr. Narendra Gehlot, who had till now not been involved in any discussions, and seemingly attending the meeting at the behest of the management.

Post the meeting, the parent-legal representatives came out with the follow opinion:

The legal help team of parents who met the Management yesterday met again today evening and reviewed the documents obtained by them. Based on our continuing review, we are pleased to confirm that Our Mirambika is completely legal and its continuance faces no legal impediment whatsoever.

Our due diligence has not found any communication from any regulatory and/or compliance authority challenging, questioning or assailing the legal status of Our Mirambika and /or of the land over which it stands today. At the same time, no document has been provided by any person, which could bring to light any threat as perceived by Sri Aurobindo Education Society. On the other hand, the Society has persistently asked us to provide documents discovered by us.

Having said that, if any recipient of this email can find or has any document or information, which can rebut the fact that “Mirambika Free Progress School exists and is running legally”, please share the same publicly.

All the documents we have obtained would be made available to the parents for greater clarity and understanding, especially for those who were not present in the meetings and are clueless about legal standing of Our Mirambika.

To strengthen the hands of Sri Aurobindo Education Society and in order to dispel the perceived threats and engineered dangers, we would place all documents before the parent community in hard format for inspection & perusal.

Our sole objective is to protect and enhance Our Mirambika. We thank all the parents for their faith, endurance, support and cooperation.

We will be sending you a detailed report on the matter by Monday (13-April-2015)

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