Summary of the issue

mirambika free progress school is a small island of love, peace and happiness, nestled on 10 acres of prime real estate in South Delhi, where it has existed for over 30 years. It is owned and managed by the Sri Aurobindo Educational Society, the same body which runs Mother’s International School.

The building that it occupies was designed keeping in mind the unstructured learning process followed by the school. It was designed by the eminent architect Mr. Sanjay Prakash, who says that “The spaces were designed to be organic, amorphous, and such that the boundary between inside space and outside space would vanish. This reflected the spirit of the organisation – breaking of all barriers, actualising the self and achieving excellence through consulting the inner consciousness.” 

In essence, this is a unique building designed in harmony with a unique method of learning and strongly complementing each other.

The issue arose around a month back when some parents heard a rumour that the school is being shifted to a nondescript building in the adjoining Aurobindo Ashram and an Engineering college is coming up in its premises. Most of us disregarded the rumors initially, but when they refused to die it was brought onto the parents online forum (all parents google group). Some parents reached out to the management to seek clarification but nothing came forth initially. Only after a formal request was made in writing, did the management call for an open-house where it informed the parents that due to an iminent threat from some government bodies, the school has to be shifted and a “college” needs to start operating from this building. Details of this threat is mentioned in the next post. However the parents were assured by senior members of the management that this is not something immediate.

However, less than 2 weeks later, parents were summoned (in haste) in small groups to the school today and told that the school would be shifting from 1st July, i.e., after the summer break.


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