The Management’s side

The Management committee of Sri Aurobindo Educational Society, headed by Mr. Pranjal Jauhar, presented the following details:

  • The land was originally allotted by DDA in 1960’s but was later taken back due to some controversies.
  • After a prolonged battle in Supreme Court, the land was re-allotted to the society in 1984.
  • However, the lease document for the land states that the purpose of land use is “college”.
  • Since a Teacher Training Institute was also setup along with the school, the management felt that their obligation was covered and over the last 30 years both co-existed beautifully.
  • Off late the management has started fearing that government authorities are looking into land misuse cases closely and since they have not opened a formal college there is a huge risk that the land may be re-possessed by them.
  • Hence they have urgently gone ahead and planned to open an engineering college to come on the right side of the law.
  • Originally it was presented that the school is a second-time offender and if any action is initiated, the building can be shut in a day’s notice…however this position has since been withdrawn by Mr. Jauhar.

Due to the above the Management has had to, in a tearing hurry, set up the college infrastructure (setting up workshops, library, alter building design etc).


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