“Sr. Legal Counsel” meeting – Update

Here is an update posted by one of the parents:

Here is a brief summary of the meeting based on my conversations with the parents legal team this morning. 

First, some background. Parents legal team was not consulted beforehand on the choice of the senior council or the time of the meeting. Under intense pressure, and under the threat that some random parents would be recruited to represent them, Aman and Suman agreed to go. The legal team even released their draft brief early – they were planning to do so this evening, They requested that the management provide some key original documents so that the senior counsel could come to a considered opinion. 

Now, here’s what happened: 

– The management failed to provide the requested documents. 

– The senior counsel only looked at the lease and did consider any of the other documents painstakingly obtained by our legal team. 

– The senior counsel did not look at the legal team’s carefully prepared brief. 

– He came to his conclusion within minutes. 

– Parents legal team immediately informed management present that they rejected senior counsel’s opinion. 


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