A salute to the Resistance

Over the last 3 weeks, 4 clear groups of parents have emerged:

The Believers – These are people who have unshakable faith in the the Mother and  Sri Aurobindo… which inexplicably translates into blind faith in the Management. We really wish they are able to differentiate between both and see the reality thats staring straight at them .

The Fence-Sitters – These people are really not sure of whats happening and whom to believe. Albeit not a large group, they are largely in an observant mode.

The “ki fark painda” parents – This is the largest group and believe that management has wronged them but simply do not have the will or energy to challenge. We strongly urge them to reconsider their position for the sake of their children. Get in action and remember that the actions you do is what your child will imbibe… and you don’t have to do a lot… get active on the mail group… voice your opinion in public forums and  generally support the cause… don’t worry about your children… the Diyas love them too much.

and lastly our favourites

THE RESISTANCE – We truly salute them. They have risked their name, fame, family and profession only for the sake of Truth. They do not have any ulterior motives. They do not gain anything financially if they succeed. They receive many more brickbats than adulations… and yet they are working selflessly and tirelessly with one goal in mind… to get the truth out in front of everyone and get the children back into their school. You all are akin to the French Resistance of WW-II. You are our last bastion of hope.

Keep up the good work and do let us know if we can help in any other way.



2 thoughts on “A salute to the Resistance

  1. Amit April 17, 2015 / 7:12 pm

    Reading your blogs was painful.

    In my humble opinion, those affected by the falsehood of the Management must rise above their own personal difficulties. I know it is difficult, but the question is how long can you allow yourself to be exploited by such allegedly corrupt managements? These people need to be in jail…

    What alarms me the suggestion that after allegedly fooling the parents, the taxpayer, and the public at large, the management allegedly wants to open up an engineering college just for 4 years… and wishes to shut it down thereafter. It then allegedly wishes to open up a teacher’s training college and again circumvent the law. It allegedly wants to keep playing with the law of the land and does not care about those who suffers in the process.

    You must not allow future of other students suffer like yours. In larger public interest, illegal use of prime land cannot be allowed to continue. The city needs more capacity in schools and colleges, not hoarding of prime land by alleged illegal land use.

    The management needs to be in jail for the alleged fraud.

    More facts:

    To the best of my knowledge, the land on the south of Sunlit Path is a public park. This does not belong to Mirambika or SAES. Interestingly, the MIS football feild is part of the land meant for college (but used for Mirambika), not MIS. Allegedly SAES was allowed to use and maintain the public park on the condition that access to it will not be blocked to the local residents. Your posts seem to suggest that no one can walk towards Mirambika and therefore even the restricted access to this public park land to has been blocked fully. Go party with your kid on this land. Every citizen has a right to it.

    Similarly, in another case, SAES was granted about 3.5 acres out of about 5 acres of prime land on the condition that trees will not be cut, and no construction activity will be allowed. But now I see that the trees have been cut and an underground parking is nearing completion. This is the land in front of the MIS auditorium on Sri Aurobindo Marg. This I am told is for parking of Sarkari vehicles of influential Babus & Netas being alleged used illegally for personal purposes on taxpayer’s money…

    A major part of the Main Ashram building runs as a Guest House in which foreigners are allegedly given preference. A fixed donation is allegedly charged for the stay. On an Indian Taxpayer’s money, the stay of the foreigner is allegedly subsidised. Major part of the building is therefore allegedly used as a cheap hotel, taxes allegedly evaded.

    The allegedly shameless management does not even care about the illegalities in construction of the Ashram Meditation hall. While it is a known fact that the Ashram meditation hall was brought down and constructed afresh, but allegedly to the authorities it is shown as “Renovation of the old building.” This I am told allegedly saves property taxes and evades building bylaws…

    The allegedly corrupt management therefore needs to be given their own taste of medicine. Get together and write to DDA to cancel the land lease, AICTE to not grant permission, and DoE to take severe action against the management. Ask AAP ki Sarkar to revoke registration of SAES.

    Make no mistake that the Delhi Branch allegedly runs like a family owned business of one family and their influential coteries. Your voice will be stifled, personal attacks made.

    Do not allow your sufferings of today become sufferings of others tomorrow. Now is the time.

    “Cling to Truth” – The Mother

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