15 days and counting…

Today its 15 days since the illegal eviction of the school and a lot has happened:

– School is running in hallways and corridors of the ashram with a guesthouse running right beside, which is gross violation of the DOE rules.

– Written opinion opinion obtained from a Retired High court judge has been trivialized by the Ashram Management.

– Even after verbal assurance by DOE and DDA senior officials, management is not willing to shift the school back.

– Management has put up website for engineering college http://www.mbk.net.in.

– Pranjal Jauhar called for a meeting with the parent’s legal team. It turned out to be farcical as he left within 5-10 mins of the meeting starting.

– In the meeting it was decided that the parent’s legal team would provide a draft letter to management for submission to DDA, seeking a formal clearance for running school on the said land. The letter was provided around 7 days back but no submission has been made to DDA yet.

– It seems the management is dragging its feet till AICTE approval is received for the college.

– Seeing no other alternative, some parents approached the media and media has come out strongly for the cause of the children.


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