Not all is well at the Aurobindo Ashram post 14/4 attack on Mirambika

Reliable sources have squealed that the Ashram is awash with confusion about and opposition to the uprooting of Mirambika and the excuses offered for it. The DDA retired Pickles, who licked the infested lease in question to turn it into a frog – still jiving on PJ’s head – is ducking all inquiry even as the parents’ Satyagrah intensifies. Sangeeta’s uncle is seen meandering about tongue tied with a long question mark on his face. Gloat, the cornucopia of all spiritual and bullish defense of 14/4 and the self thrust spoke in the Ashram’s works, has been advised to rest his illusory Salim-Javed lest they incriminate him. He’s rumored to have offered some of his bro’s politico bullion to TiDi to continue making a collage of failures. PJ has been heard saying that he never invited the Dallas; TiDi did. The selfless Didis and Diyas, thoroughly abused as a shield by the ruthless successors of the great Anil Jauhar to blackmail the Mirambika parents into submission, are beginning to realize that that profiteering from land is much more integral to the Pickles – Dallas – Gloat plan than what meets their blessed soulful eyes. Why don’t the Satyagrahi parents reach out to people above PJ and TiDi and let them know the mess the Society is in courtesy their actions based on the Pickles – Dallas – Gloat gang’s advice?

One thought on “Not all is well at the Aurobindo Ashram post 14/4 attack on Mirambika

  1. 007 May 16, 2015 / 11:33 pm

    Seems mirambika is like an antibiotic accidentally swallowed by the ashram on the 14th. Just might disinfect it from all the bacteria. Device in


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