Another letter from the blindly pro shift jehadi parents against the petitioners / applicants on the way

Like jehadists & other cultists, the blindly pro shift Management boot-lickers don’t want media scrutiny. They want staged DOE inspection and they happily participate in it. They don’t want the court to be approached despite the absence of dialogue and lies from the Management side. They want to petition against the petitioners. They haven’t seen the appeal filed by SAES, etc to discover the lies being told. They just want to condemn the application filed by the petitioners re violation of court order dated 6/5/15 by SAES, etc. Do these parents know anything about the rule of law? An offence is an offence. You can’t vote on it and declare it otherwise. It is in the absence of good legal advice & defense that people resort to such pressure tactics. Their e-space and on-field conduct is polarizing the opinions to a point where no negotiation – no agreement would be possible.

2 thoughts on “Another letter from the blindly pro shift jehadi parents against the petitioners / applicants on the way

  1. Amit May 18, 2015 / 4:43 pm

    Are you aware that children of Director (Education), GNCTD, study in MIS? Admission was allegedly given through the back door in the same school against which complaint was made and an enquiry committee was set up. The enquiry committee never called the complainant and disposed off the complaint accepting what the school said.

    So now you know what enquiry committee does?

    A complaint was made under Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, against the Director (Education) which was sent to the same officer to investigate! Yeah, even by this so called honest government.

    One more fact. The present Director (Education) was deputed by the same AAP government in their first term. The previous and present Director (Education) are husband and wife…

    You think DoE would do anything?

    Sorry, but Mirambika school ran illegally from 10 acres or prime land meant for a college, and about 4 acres of land of a public park. That cannot be accepted. At the same time students cannot be treated the way SAES is doing. The solution is to ask the SAES to allocate enough space on Ashram land for Mirambika school and give an undertaking in writing that that admission to the proposed college will purely be on merit and there will be no management quota.

    This will curb alleged donations in admissions to the proposed college, as well as give students of Mirambika school their right to proper space on Ashram land.


    • savemirambika May 19, 2015 / 2:35 pm

      Thanks. Some of your points deserve to be acted up on but please note that Mirambika School ran legally (from 4.84 acres or prime land meant for a college, and 5 acres of land meant for a playground) as a part of the SAES run integral research center that included a teachers training institute. DDA was informed by SAES of the foregoing through an affidavit prior to signing of the lease. DDA VC is on record saying that DDA has not threatened SAES. DOE has known this at least for past 25 years and accepted the school’s location. As to the 5 acres of land meant for a playground, please note that it is used much more by MIS children than anyone else. By SAES’s logic, this playground now belongs to the technical college. By AICTE norms, the technical college must have a separate demarcated campus………….so the playground will not be with MIS!


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