SAES’s costly lawyers – whither charity?

While the petitioner parents fight the Save Mirambika battle before the Delhi High Court on a shoestring budget contributed by volunteers, it appears that SAES will be represented by very costly lawyers who have earlier represented Vatika and or Indiabulls. Who’ll pay these lawyers and for what reason? Is there some commonality of objectives between these parties and SAES? It is whispered that the last skewed opinion (based on an undisclosed brief) trumpeted by SAES was also procured from the father of a lawyer extensively engaged by one or both of these realtors, particularly for actions in / from UP. Gloat has openly emailed how easily such an opinion could have been procured and for how much? Well, that amount is just peanuts for PJ’s realtor friends but surely their CSR funds cannot be used for paying legal fees and so more funds would be needed by SAES to legally pursue the “new charitable aims” under PJ’s command. While some fear that the case may well turn out to be Right vs Might, one thing is sure, it will ultimately reach the Supreme Court for a final decision. And the Truth will prevail.

One thought on “SAES’s costly lawyers – whither charity?

  1. 007 May 18, 2015 / 12:28 pm

    God-willing truth will prevail!! Feeling glad that parents in this for the long haul. This should be a test for the patience of corporate money. Btw heard local communities also and don’t want Private Engineering College in their residential space.

    Asharam Management could have built a “Rishi Valley Stature School with a Mirambika core here. Engineering Cllege to serve Shree Aurobindo and the monther. wow!!


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