Mirambika crisis – decoding the ‘majority’ supporting the Management’s offences

Here’s a brief description of various constituents of the motley crowd gathered by the Management to support its case before the Court:

Parents Sans Conscience – Striving to preserve and increase their benefits from the Ashram, SAES and the proposed technical college, they don’t give a damn to Mirambika or its children or to law, ethics or morals. Unless they withdraw from supporting the Management’s 14/4 actions, etc, each of these parents will be exposed in the Court.

Diyas – Selfless lovable unpaid tapasvees, most from very poor corners of Odisha, completely dependent on the Ashram for food, water & shelter, though some of them have been given the impression that they are a part of the Management, they have no choice or say in the matter. For the Diyas, Mirambika is their only child so when someone threatens to suffocate it unless they support the Management, they just sign any paper. They also know that if they say or choose anything that the Management does not like, they’ll be victimized till they vanish like Rajesh Bhaiyya.

Parent Diyas – These are parents who volunteer to help at the School. They are handpicked by the Management and they sing and dance to its tunes. If they have no children studying in the School, they should refrain from meddling in its affairs by signing letters etc in support of the Management.

Ignorant Parents – They were induced to sign a letter or two prepared by M/s Me2, Endee, Achlysi, Sirpuny, Toilet Seat Terrier, Cloudini & others on the basis that the same would be used to support Jayanthy Didi and the School in case the DOE talks of derecognising the School. These parents now find the Management using their letters in Court for exactly the opposite purpose i.e., justifying the illegal shift and relocation of Mirambika into an illegal premises. As of yesterday, three such parents have publicly disassociated themselves from the foregoing exercise.

EWS Parents – Threatened, bullied and blackmailed into signing in favor of SAES by Eggroll & Gang. Innocents caught in the crossfire, they fear that their children would suffer if they do not support the Management. Some quietly shifted their children to MIS on the Management’s command and in exchange gave letters supporting the Management’s 14/4 actions, etc.

Hocus Pocus Parents – Some parents who have moved their children to MIS or are in the process of shifting their children to MIS, Vasant Valley or some other school have also signed up to support the Management’s 14/4 actions, etc. These hocus pocus parents have no locus in the matter and should withdraw from participating in Mirambika matter.

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