Mirambika Crisis – DOE babus coming to inspect the school during vacation

After giving the SAES enough time to clean, arrange and organize the Ashram to look adequately non residential, DOE babus are belatedly on their way to be hosted by the SAES in the Ashram for the Court ordered inspection this morning. It is reliably learnt that at the related Court hearing, DOE counsel argued to defend SAES’s 14/4 – the Ambedkar Jayanti – murder of the Constitution.

Petitioners wanted this inspection to take place while the school was running and many of them wrote to the DOE but in vain. It is alleged kids of some DOE babus study in MIS and that connection has been used by the SAES to control and manage this inspection.

It would be nice if the DOE babus use the Ashram’s dormitory for rest and have a meal at its canteen – both are very nominally charged. They could call for the Ashram’s visitors book, accounts, etc to get an idea of how much the Ashram earned through the foregoing activities. They should do a random check of the thinly cordoned of spaces / areas in the Ashram and see who resides there or uses them. What else is needed to establish that the Ashram is a residential place NOT permitted to host a school?

While they petitioners would would like this friendly inspection to be video recorded, it is more than likely that SAES and DOE babus hand in glove with it would resist such recording. Lets see how long they can suppress the Truth.

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