Mirambika Crisis – friendly neighborhood Perry Mason tears into Endee over MbkAll emails

….someone spread the rumor that he had been paid off or engaged by the Ashram for 5 cr. PJ likes his soft talking ways and Gloat is said to have sought his help with AICTE approval for the college. He did not run to the court and get an injunction on 14/4 or earlier because he believed that the matter could be resolved through negotiations. Now, returning to the battle after his darling daughter’s recovery from dehydration, setting all nonsense to rest, he has just torn into Endee’s high octane email gibberish with precise legal questions and answers. Some gems from his email bombardment of poor Endee are quoted below:

“This is a land allotted by DDA on concessional rates for public purpose and for fulfilling the objects of SAES “ to prepare the younger generation for a higher spiritual and harmonious life in accordance with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Land was given on this solemn premise. This land cannot be put to any other use. The earlier management had meticulously followed this as disclosed by the Application filed by SAES. The danger of losing the land is very high if a technical college comes up on the land, where our Mirambika exists.

“………………….. These letters was as token of faith and confidence reposed by the parents on selfless diyas. Though some of you tried to connect Diyas and the Management, though everyone could see through this. These letters were addressed to Jayanti didi, and were USED by SAES through another Signatory. If it is “innocuous” then what is of the importance and value. LAND.

In practice there is a saying,” You cannot take advantage of your own wrong”. Issue is regarding gross misrepresentation and deliberate suppression of material facts. Were these parents told in advance that this letter would be part of the official record of Delhi High Court?  By Constitution of India, High court is Court of record and whatever is filed therein never destroyed. Did anyone made these parents aware that whatever they are signing would remain in the annals of history. Besides this entire documents was annexed however selected interpretation was made, as pointed out by you.  You may not be aware, that the documents filed by a party to litigation forms part of the pleadings and read as an integral part of the case.

The result is these 117 parents have said that they DO NOT APROVE OF THE WRIT PETITION. This is pointed out by Senior Counsel in the Court in benign presence of few of our worldly wise parents and others.

By implication, it is now in record, that 117 parents do not wants to go back, Though at least 12 parents signed on different papers and one parent has deleted this sentence by pen.”

“You say: “It is clear from the Minutes available that the MANAGER did all this by himself. Neither MC of MFPS nor SAES was aware of any threat or any grand plan for Engineering college.

So the Minutes don’t show that there was a discussion that was MINUTED about this. But you INFER then that they were not aware of threats & plans? Please don’t present inferences as facts.”

“SAES is a registered society under the Requisition Act, 1868 and thus subjected to the rules and regulation of the said act notified by the competent government from time to time. The Society runs by the Managing Committee, it is the ear & eyes of the Society and every matter concerning the Society its members, its beneficiaries and the State   must be discussed and minuted. Since SAES is tax exempted, FCNR granted and charitable Society more onus is on the Society to conduct its affairs in accordance with law.

SAES runs (a) MIS (b) Mirambika. Both these schools are recognized under Delhi School Education Act, 1973 and have their respective Managing Committees including nominees from DOE.

Don’t you think the matter like setting up of an Engineering College by displacing the existing School should be discussed prior to 24th February,2015 with MC of the School or not. If somebody had some fear & threat, those needs to discussed especially, when you are not the OWNER of the land but mere trustees to fulfill the objects for which the concessional land has been allotted..”

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