Mirambika Crisis – did the 58 intervenor parents know of 14/4 brutal shift in advance?

In support of SAES & Others, 58 parents and 39 diyas have signed a Vakalatnama enabling a lawyer (an erstwhile junior of Ravindra Agarwal’s lawyer cousin) to file an intervention application in the 9 petitioner parents vs SAES & Others case pending before the Delhi High Court. This application states that these 58 parents were aware of the 13-14 April 2015 shift of the School and that they support SAES etc on it. While the 39 dependent on Ashram diyas have no apparent locus in the matter, out of the 58 parents, one emotionally blackmailed by Kamala Didi Shiv-bhakt has today emailed on MbkAll group email as follows:

“Dear friends
I wish to clarify that I am completely neutral in the case going on in the High Court of Delhi between some parents and the Sri Aurobindo Education Society. When I was made to sign a Vakalatnama by a person I deeply trust, I was neither shown nor have I till today read any petition that some others have filed using that Vakalatnama in the case. I withdraw my name and or signatures from any paper filed in any case before the High Court of Delhi.
I wish to reiterate that I had no prior knowledge about the abrupt shift of school on 13/14th April.
Looking for a solution with neutrality & prayers.”

The Shiv-bhakt’s grievance is shared equally by most of the 57 parents left and quite a few admit privately that they signed the Vakalatnama without reading or understanding the petition but they are hesitant to say so openly lest they upset the SAES & Others. On closer scrutiny, this group of 57 appears to comprise of vendors to SAES and or MIS and or Ashram (example, Ravindra Agarwal, Ranbir Nerwal), parents (or their spouses) benefiting or looking to benefit from the ongoing construction at the Ashram and or the Mirambika Building (example, Jasvinder, Alpana Jain), parents whose kids are leaving Mirambika (example, Ritika Thadani), EWS parents who cannot speak up because they fear victimization, and ignorant parents. The last category may cut across the previous categories to some extent.  These ignorant parent have neither read nor understood the application filed on their behalf. Another parent today emailed on MbkAll group as follows:

“Question for the 58 (now 57) parents who signed the intervention petition. 
Did you know about the 13/4/15 overnight move? Were you informed by the AM in advance? Who informed you? And when did you know? 
It’s clear many of the 57 parents did not know about the 13/4/15 sudden move. So those of you who were informed, please speak up.”
May some of these 57 parents hear the knocks of their souls / conscience from within and tell the Truth otherwise their names may go down in history as those whose cowardice nailed the coffin of Mirambika and carried it to its grave.

2 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis – did the 58 intervenor parents know of 14/4 brutal shift in advance?

  1. 007 May 25, 2015 / 11:20 pm

    Wonder what will be the implication on these 58 or 57, if there are criminal proceedings, as strongly recommended by lawyers.


    • savemirambika May 25, 2015 / 11:47 pm

      Hope they are spared. The real culprits are playing divide & rule to dominate parents.


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