Mirambika Crisis – 14/4 brutal shift & symptoms of trauma in our children

Doesn’t matter if a parent is pro shift or anti the 9 parent petitioners or pro SAES, s/he should simply touch his / her heart or embrace his / her child and honestly say that his / her child did not experience any of the foregoing after the brutal shift on 14/4:

1. Bed wetting or increased bed wetting  2. Avoiding School or increased wish to stay at home 3. Unexplained headaches 4. Unexplained stomachaches 5. Clingy behavior or increase in seeking parental attention 6. Refusal to sleep alone or disturbed sleep 7. Increased tantrums or mood swings.

The foregoing exercise may yield different results from parents who mostly tend to their children on their own, parents who only tend to their children over weekends & holidays, parents who live in a joint family, and parents with domestic help/s attending to their children. However, from just casual conversations with parents dropping / picking their children from school, we discovered that an average of 6 to 7 out of 10 parents admitted to at least 1 of the 7 trauma effects manifesting in their child/ren post 14/4. Some of us then took professional advice. The message was stern. Unless attended with love & affection, apart from the effects already mentioned, 14/4 has the potential to shake the faith of children in adults and later affect their ability to build healthy trustful relationships. Therefore, leaving the entrenched positions in the ongoing debate aside, let each of us spend some more time with our children and make them feel more safe and secure than ever before.


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