Mirambika Crisis – the way out for SAES

1. Acknowledge that the 14/4 shift was a blunder and express regret or apologise for it. In the absence of the foregoing, petitioner parents are very unlikely to participate  in any dialogue to resolve the matter.

2. Thank the petitioner parents for their efforts in getting the DDA VC to acknowledge in public that there is no threat of repossession of the land leased by DDA to SAES due to Mirambika.

3. Team up with the parents in dealing with the DDA and defending itself if the need arises. The foregoing includes SAES making an immediate written request to the DDA to get a written clarification regarding Mirambika continuing to run from the leased land. (An alternative could be that the parties implead the DDA in the ongoing case and use the court process to get the DDA to give the foregoing clarification.)

4. Give up the technical college dream for the time being and subject to 3 above, shift the school back into the Mirambika Building. Thereafter, take Mirambika up to the 12th standard together with a teachers training institute in a 2-3 year time bound manner. If the technical college dream is pursued further by SAES, the leased land could be repossessed by the DDA as it was never leased for a technical college recognised by AICTE. Sarvodaya -Kalu Sarai- Vijay Mandal residents have latched onto the foregoing issue and are preparing to litigate against the technical college. Also, the alleged SAES – AICTE collusion regarding the technical college could soon become the subject matter of a criminal compliant and investigation.

5. Team up with the parents in finding an appropriate legal, safe and secure space and building for the technical college and or the school in a consultative 2-3 year time bound manner.

6. Reorganise its board/management by inducting people of repute with credentials in law, management and accounting, and no personal commercial interest in or with SAES.

7. In consideration of 1 to 6 above, request the parents to withdraw the petition filed by them.


One thought on “Mirambika Crisis – the way out for SAES

  1. Anupama chib June 15, 2015 / 2:50 pm

    Yes, this is more like it. Any endeavour is successful if it talks about finding solutions and a way out. If the focus is on facts,facts related to the court case and finding solutions then the blog would really serve a positive purpose. Anything else, takes one away from the main focus and makes it seem like a gossip magazine.


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