Mirambika Crisis – how SAES induced the 58 parents to intervene against the petitioner parents?

Most of the intervener parents we spoke to have confirmed the following:

1. They were not aware of the 13-14/4 shift of the school from the Mirambika Building into the residential Ashram.

2. They have not read the intervention application.

3. They were told that if they did not sign the intervention application, the school would close down.

4. SAES used the Diyas led by Kamla Didi to emotionally blackmail some parents to sign the intervention application.

5. SAES also used parents having commercial interest with SAES, MIS, Ashram etc to bully and lobby parents into signing the intervention application.

6. After reading the extracts of SAES’s court filings posted by the anti shift parents over email, most of them feel that SAES did not tell them the truth.

7. Most of them feel trapped and feel guilty that their names and signatures could damage the restoration of the school back into the Mirambika Building.

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