Mirambika Crisis – Vikrant Abrol quoted by a Sarvodaya resident in his email to the RWA – is he lying?

“On Friday, 29 May 2015 1:37 PM, AV G <avg_shekhar@hotmail.com> wrote:

Mr. Mittal / Mr. Ghosh

I am following up our brief meeting this morning regarding the land use issue at Mother’s School. As mentioned by Mr Mittal, the Society / RWA needs to take an informed stance on the issue and keep in mind the long term nuisance to the residents of Sarvodaya Enclave. I am briefly narrating the position as explained to me by one of the active members of the Mirambika Parents Association who is also a resident of our colony [B 100 Second floor]. His perspective is from both, the colony’s interest and the parents of wards who currently study in Mirambika.

The current Delhi Govt. is actively pursuing the ‘verification’ process of land use by educational institutions who have been so allotted for the purpose of launching engineering or other education institutions. Amongst the list prepared, Mother’s School figures as a likely candidate that has been in violation, by opening Mirambika instead of opening an engineering college per the stated purpose of their original allotment / application. Now, years have passed and the school has an active list of alumnus who are also positions of influence in our social circle.

In the wake of the political scenario in Delhi, with the AAP MLA Mr. Sisodia is very keen to ‘repossess’ such misused land (and specifically the Mother’s School land!) with the goal of fulfilling his election manifesto, of opening an engineering college under the auspices of the Delhi Govt. Now, it is common knowledge that if Delhi Govt. was to carry forward with their intent to open an engineering college in the repossessed land, there would be easily a flood of young adults, possibly in day college (say, numbering bout 3,000) and an equal number during night shift. The areas surrounding the college are destined to mushroom as shops and residential facilities to cater to this new education institution and perhaps the colony will become similar to the Kalu Sarai / Vijay Mandal enclave surroundings. Further, it is bound to be a source of nuisance to the students of Mother’s school as also the ladies of the colony.

Now, in the midst of all the din about the land misuse, we all know Mother’s School had promptly shifted the Mirambika activities out of its premises to a temporary location in the Mother’s School ( I understand it is above Matri store) and perhaps subsequently to a more suitable destination within its campus. It is also been understood that Mother’s School has obtained the permission from appropriate authorities to open an engineering college though had not acted on it. The Mother’s School management is actively canvassing their case about their intent to open an engineering college for Women, which is estimated to cater to about 300 young women. However, there is a group of Mirambika parents [about 7 in number, stated to be well connected] with vested interest in the Delhi Govt land acquisition goal who have filed a case against the management for having shifted their wards from the school premises. Their ‘real’ intent is apparently to force the school to revert to its illegal use and be held in violation. That pretty much would ensure the Mother’s School loses control of the said land and would be forced to give it up to the Govt. under the current ordinance.

Interestingly, a group of like minded parents [about 120 in number] filed a counter case in support of the school’s move and are aware that there is no future in the prospect of shifting Mirambika to its old facility. Some of those parents are also from the colony and are aware of the sinister intent of the opposing group and are also fully aware of the impact that the Delhi Govt’s college is bound to have on the colony, its residents, the infrastructure etc.

It is believed that the group of 7 is actively engaged in communicating the anti Mother’s School message within the Sarvodaya Colony residents and is supposedly gaining momentum in whipping up support against the management of Mother’s school. However, without knowing the full facts, it is unlikely that the resident will be able to make an informed decision regarding the course of action in their collective interest. At this juncture, it is evident, the Colony’s interests are best served by supporting the school’s cause and thwart any action that is aimed at repossessing the land by Delhi Govt. We need to collectively fight this battle and do everything possible to defeat the Delhi Govt’s intent to open an engineering college in our area. Meanwhile, we need to actively engage with the management of Mother’s school / Miramibika and understand their position, which will help validating much of what we seem to be learning in bits and pieces.

Again, as mentioned earlier my source of this information is Mr Vikrant, resident of B 100 who is fully conversant of the facts and is fully invested with the interests of our community.



4 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis – Vikrant Abrol quoted by a Sarvodaya resident in his email to the RWA – is he lying?

  1. 007 June 2, 2015 / 2:23 pm

    My God. Plans for Eng college started much earlier than AAP even won the elections. Such deceit and lies…… its like saying, Mainsh Sidodia will murder you guys, so please allow us to just rape you instead”. They dont realize that Sarvodaya Enclave residents opposes Engineering/Technical college. period. Sidodia or anyone has ZERO say in this whole thing. The land belongs to DDA.


  2. 007 June 5, 2015 / 1:41 pm

    Lands belongs to “We The People”, not DDA, dodo…


  3. Yikes June 6, 2015 / 3:43 am

    Some call him roll # 1.
    That number is usually attributed to winners.

    This man, he is a toxic snake. Slithers around, hissing silently. With a poisonous bite. One that bites when no ones looking. But little does he know – the ‘v’ the bite leaves on its victim is a wound that is an obvious sign of his venomous antics.


  4. Yikes June 6, 2015 / 4:53 am

    And to answer the question in the post that this comment belongs to: Is he lying?



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