Mirambika Crisis – full swing construction of Maqbara e’ Mirambika is on

In an attempt to somehow keep alive his pipedream of establishing & running an engineering college from the Mirambika Building (which is subject to the 6th May 2015 status quo order of the Delhi High Court), under the disguise of ‘roof repair’, PJ aka Shahzada has ordered full steam construction atop and around the Matri Commercial Store, UCO Bank and MIS uniform & book store bang along the Sarvodaya – Begumpur Road.

At present, the MCD is winking blind at this blatant wholesale construction as its visiting / inspecting official was allegedly paid off. However, even if MCD sleeps, it appears that at least the architects involved can be complained against before the body they are affiliated with for dereliction of duty in establishing that the project they are advising on does not have proper regulatory approvals and or that its scope of work is misrepresented in the application for approval filed with the MCD.

Shahzada’s aim is to get the ever friendly DOE (the head of whose children study in MIS) to approve this illegal location for moving the Mirambika School into after the summer vacation from the illegal residential premises where it was housed till the end of the last session. This location is illegal as it is not adequately far away from the road as well as adjacent to the Matri Commercial Store, UCO Bank and MIS uniform & book store. Earlier, Matri Karuna & Mira Nursery schools have already vanished from this location without any trace in DOE records.

It is sad that some Mirambika parents are actively assisting Shahzada in making this Maqbara either for material gain or name or both as architects, civil contractors, interior decorators and sundry suppliers. They join the list of those Parents Sans Conscience who helped Shahzada clandestinely move the school into the residential ashram during the dark hours of 13th-14th April 2015. Hope the petitioner parents expose these Parents Sans Conscience before the Delhi High Court on 3rd July 2015 and register their names in history as betrayers of the Mirambika spirit.


3 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis – full swing construction of Maqbara e’ Mirambika is on

  1. 007 June 3, 2015 / 7:31 am

    Spoke to some officials the other day about the saga, almost before I could start one of them remake with remarkable ease, ” tell me…..management has changed and realtor has got inaide”. This was eerie. Apparently there are 100 of cases like this all over delhi.

    Surprisingly people like us who are so close to the whole affair can’t see through this. Maybe distance sometimes provides better clarity.


  2. 007 June 5, 2015 / 1:43 pm



  3. Yikes June 6, 2015 / 3:38 am

    And they thought they were special.

    And they thought if they spread a little lie, it will be an obstacle-free path for them.

    And they thought there will be enough who believe that lie.

    And they thought a few dissenters don’t matter.

    And they thought its a lie for a cause, for a vision.

    That’s how most lies are justified, aren’t they.

    And they thought, they just, almost, got away with it.

    And they think – they will.


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