Mirambika Crisis – a lull before the storm – just a story in the meanwhile

As a condition for letting Manga occupy the throne of the Fiefdom of Granted Lands after some years, the aging Regina made him join hands with her friend Dallas in order to indirectly extend her rule for life.

Suffocating under the Regina’s control, Manga prayed to Achlys, the Goddess of Poison, to send him a strong Indian bull, for further financial support. His prayer was granted but he was to ultimately kill the Indian bull to honor Achlys. However, the Regina persuaded him to keep the Indian bull because the Dallas needed its crude strength and protection for their nefarious activities. Manga thought Achlys would not care if he kept the Indian bull and instead sacrificed the Holy Cow inherited by him from his uncle, the preceding blessed King.

To punish Manga and the Regina for their deceit, Achlys made Manga fall deeply in love with the pipedream of an engineering college. Achlys then made him empty the Holy Cow Temple and caused Dallas to use their masons to convert it into a hollow spiritless building for the engineering college. Manga entered this dark building in his fantasy and met the Indian bull. Their financial engineering led to the birth of the monstrous Mangasaur whose loyalty to Manga was to last only till he met some common people. Scared, the Regina nursed him quietly but he grew uncontrollably and became ferocious, being the only resident of the hollow spiritless building. He had no natural source of nourishment and so he devoured the dreams of children for sustenance.

Manga, after getting advice from the oracle at NoIdea, had Dallas construct a gigantic maze of lies to hold Mangasaur in. Some common people entered this maze in search of their children’s dreams and upon seeing them, Mangasaur broke all his shackles, drove away the Dallas, took away Manga’s lands and put him on a leash for all his miserable life. He then restored the children’s dreams and left the Fiefdom of Granted Lands in the care of the common people.

One thought on “Mirambika Crisis – a lull before the storm – just a story in the meanwhile

  1. Yikes June 17, 2015 / 4:42 pm

    If the scenario wasn’t so grave – this makes for a movie script.

    Maybe the characters can play themselves. To channelize the excess energy being expended on the innocent school.


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