Mirambika Crisis – show cause issued by DDA to SAES against the engg college

From reliable journo sources, it’s been learnt that the subject notice was issued by DDA this week. DDA wants to repossess the land as the engg college is not permitted as per the lease it executed with SAES in 1984. DDA has given some days to SAES to reply to its notice.

The Briefless Lawyers of the Tuchch have been consistently telling Manga post their review of the Pickles Dallas Gloat plan that he engg college would be in breach of the 1984 lease. Only the Mirambika Free Progress School and its related activities as represented by SAES secy Mr Kashyap in his  1984 affidavit to the DDA can be legally carried on from the leased land.

Inside SAES sources inform that Manga thinks and or has been advised by the Briefcase Lawyers that the said notice is malafide as it has been issued by DDA due to the influence exerted by the petitioner parents. It appears that something along the same lines has been filed before the Delhi HC. Well, if tsunami could be avoided by burying one’s head in sand, that dumb approach to the said notice would be just right. In the instant case, it may lead to the Delhi HC fully understanding the conspiracy hatched by Manga’s courtiers, DDA being more vehement in defending the said notice and the petitioner parents suing SAES for defamation. After all, who could possibly have more influence in DDA than the big retired DDA babu Pickles and the sinfully rich Dallas – Gloat combine or is it that money power has failed miserably in keeping DDA quiet? We all knew that the DDA threat story was sham and DDA was a genuinely innocent party in this case. It never objected to Mirambika in 24 plus years of its existence on the 9.84 acres of land leased by it to SAES. It’s Manga and his courtiers who greedily opened the Pandora’s box and have to now deal with its consequences. May the betrayed Swami and the Mother guide them in coming out of this self engineered crisis. Moving Mirambika back to its pre 14/4 location can easily defang the DDA notice in question and save the land so dear to Manga and his darbaris.


2 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis – show cause issued by DDA to SAES against the engg college

  1. dakshasharma June 26, 2015 / 4:21 pm

    So, this proves it’s absolutely legal to run mirambika from old premise, as per DDA too. Hoping manga moves school back to its rightful place, where it deserves to be.


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