Mirambika Crisis – possible criminal legal action against the 14/4 perpetrators, SAES, DoE & AICTE

Save Mirambika


Given the DoE’s pathetic inspection report and the SAES’ filings before the Delhi HC, it is very clear that DoE officials and SAES are hand in glove in their attempt to malign some petitioner parents in order to justify 14/4. Therefore, the petitioner parents must, as earlier mentioned in this blog (see under OLD below), immediately file criminal complaints against concerned officials of SAES and DoE and those who moved the school on 14/4 to the residential Ashram. There is NO POINT in going soft in this matter any further.


Don’t know why the petitioner parents are pussyfooting on the matter if they really want the 14/4 perpetrators to be booked and the school moved back to its rightful pre 14/4 location? From related SAES etc filings in the court, it is clear that there was some criminal conspiracy and collusion between AICTE, SAES, the School Management and some parents like Vikrant Abrol…

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