Mirambika Crisis: Capitulation from free progress education for capitation fees from engg college?

Over the years, when children were being considered for admission to the Red Group in Mirambika, parents were told by Double Agent and others to ‘not admit their child in Mirambika unless they were committed to keeping him / her at Mirambika till the 10th standard’. Each year, some applicant parents balked at that idea and bolted away but a handful stayed on based on the school management’s representation of integral free progress education in the open environment, building and space shown in the school brochures, website, etc. All paid fees, etc as demanded by the school management. Some of those who stayed on became volunteer Diyas to help the children, some volunteered periodically to help with games, music, certain subjects, etc and some helped with various courses & activities run by SAES for gain. Today, after throwing out the children from the Mirambika Building on 14/4 (so that AICTE could be lied to that that building was for an engineering college and so requested to approve SAES’s application for an engineering college therein – this will shortly lead to a criminal complaint against SAES & AICTE officials including its former Vice Chairman who is alleged to have actively assisted SAES in the conspiracy), the children were first shoved into the residential Ashram and later into the Matri Store building (nothing but ugly glorified barracks, photoshopped by Runway Newbrawl for SAES’s submission to the court), we are being told by Manga and Gang that ‘Mirambika was a failed experiment’, ‘Mirambika is elitist’, etc. This nonsense is being dished out despite many parents having regularly pursued the agenda for organic growth through an increase in number of Diyas, students and classes at Mirambika with the school management as well as SAES. For many years, there had been no improvement or expansion in the school infrastructure. Despite such indifference, each year, some parents offered to contribute toward the welfare of Diyas but SAES wanted a free hand in applying any such contributions to whatever it deemed fit. Each year, over & above the fees, parents contributed money toward multiple activities designed to generate cash for the school. So who is hell bent on failing Mirambika? Manga. Why? As one reader suggested, capitation fees can be best earned through an engineering college. Elementary, my dear Watson!


3 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: Capitulation from free progress education for capitation fees from engg college?

  1. 007 July 6, 2015 / 1:56 pm

    Very nebulous messages have been given on the strength of the “Engineering College”, with usage of words like “To begin with”. Teachers in MIS mentioned a number given to them at 500 girls.

    There are proposed to be 60 students per stream and 2 streams (to begin with), however the picture was revealed briefly on 21/4 on the new Engineering College, which puts the streams at 4 with a provision for post graduate with time. These as on the website were: Civil, MEchanical, Communications, and computer science and engineering.

    With 4 streams,. thats 4 streams x 60 students per stream x 4 years =960 students +faculty+staff+ say another 60-100 for Post Graduate. a College of 1000+ with staff and professors. Ya Allah!! for MIS, new Mbk, environment, and people around. Expect a south Delhi Patparganj.

    Dont know about the “management quota” angle but a private unaided Engg College in the capital is an influence generating factory with children of media moguls, journalists, beauraucrats (eg current DOE Director), judges, politicians.

    This influence is worth far far more valuable than any capitations.

    just a thought. Dont believe the old SAES would ever do this……but the new SAES with manga and his friends Egg Roll, Pickles, Dallas, Gloats at the helm?????????????????


  2. 007 July 6, 2015 / 1:59 pm

    As for girls vs co-ed, its a simple application 3 years down the line.


  3. ABCD July 6, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    How many of your are members of SAES? The AGM is on the 13th. Kick Manga and his chelas out if that is the case 😉


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