Mirambika Crisis: Police visits Ashram, Mangu installs CCTVs

Peeved by the media coverage for the ongoing peaceful protest, Mangu has apparently complained to the police about it. The peaceful sit in protest is going on for past 3 days 24/7 opposite Ashram Gate No. 6 demanding restoration of Mirambika into its pre 14/4 location. Some PCR personnel visited him twice at the insistence of some Changus – once a little while ago. However, as the protesters had already informed the police about their peaceful protest and concern for security, he was told that the police cannot interfere with a peaceful protest by law abiding citizens. On their part, the protesters had a good conversation with the police about why they were protesting.

The perseverance of the protesters and Sandeep Behera’s fast have scared Mangu no end. Sandeep has continued with his fast despite his father’s eye operation today. JB took care of his father and Vinay performed the operation. With Urvi not leaving the protest site and supporting Prabhat, their son Nirvan is being taken care of by Asmita. The protesters are bonding as a true Mirambikan family.

Having foolishly spent crores on his illegal engg college now under a Show Cause Notice from DDA, he is very upset about the media coverage the protest is getting. He fears that that may throw a spanner in his works before the court on this 17th particularly if the judge comes to know how keenly the media is following the protest. Desperate to discredit the protesters, he got his Changu Bijliwala to install 3 – 4 CCTVs to cover their activities in front of Ashram Gate No. 6. Meanwhile, some of his other Changus have told some Tuchch :’और किसी स्कूल मे होते तो अभी तक आपके कपड़े फट जाते’ and ‘….it is easy for Vatika to slip in some bad elements as its maintenance, security, etc staff into the school to harm your children.’ These threats may not be empty. Clearly, the protesters need to be on guard about intimidation from Mangu and his henchmen.’ The parent petitioners too should take care of their safety and security.


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