Mirambika Crisis: Peaceful sit in protest Day 3 report, Mangu’s reaction, Sirpuny out of hibernation

Sandeep Behera, Prabhat, Urvi & Ruchi stayed at the protest site overnight. Sandeep successfully completed his 24 hour fast this morning. He has promised to return. Some other protesters would also be fasting. Till 2 am in the morning, the protest site was abuzz with protesters & supporters, not deterred at all by the CCTVs installed by Mangu around Gate No. 6.

Yesterday, to hold his dwindling flock together, Mangu & his Changus smuggled his parent interveners through the side gates (not visible from Gate No. 6, opposite to which the peaceful sit in protest in progress) for a clandestine meeting inside the Ashram yesterday. At the meeting, backed by the usual suspects, this self styled Law Minister cum Judge cum Attorney General cum Solicitor General trashed the DDA Chief Legal Advisor’s opinion (which favors continuance of Mirambika from its pre 14/4 premises) and highlighted one factual line from the DDA SCN about the school being in existence instead of a college as per the terms of allotment. He conveniently forgot to highlight that the SCN only questions his proposed engineering college and nothing more. He also forgot that so far the parent petitioners case is about the 14/4 shift of Mirambika in breach of law and denial of free progress integral education system to the Mirambika children. Most importantly, he did not show his reply to the SCN to anyone. Why? What is there to hide if it’s in favor of Mirambika? In any case, we’ll get the same through RTI and reveal his machinations to one and all.

Mangu’s continuing trickery has divided his dwindling flock further. The first lot went to / called the protesters to seek clarifications which were given. The second lot met some of the key protesters at an erstwhile neutral’s place and discussed the entire matter at length till late night. The third lot is beginning to get active on AllMbk email & WhatsApp groups to regurgitate the lies that Mangu, their Alpha Male, has infused into them.

Kick blessed by Mangu, venomous Sirpuny aka Goofy has emerged from his reptilian hibernation. He immediately began doing his master’s biding by making completely unsubstantiated statements and allegations against all and sundry on the AllMbk email group. We dare him to substantiate the same and would then verbatim blog the same.

Almost simultaneously with Sirpuny, Vish got active on AllMbk WhatsApp group with some questions. While these questions were answered there and then, he has been invited to meet the protesters for a face to face discussion.


2 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: Peaceful sit in protest Day 3 report, Mangu’s reaction, Sirpuny out of hibernation

  1. Tucch बात July 12, 2015 / 12:07 pm

    यह “Tucch” लोगों का dialogue है।
    तो थोड़ी “Hinglish” में “Tucch” बात हो जाये।

    A fast that is pretty fast…
    Starts after a heavy breakfast, और खत्म before another one…?
    Not a day without food… Forget the liquids…
    अभी शायद Breakfast करके Lunch करने गए हैं जनाब।
    After Lunch will probably start another Fast अनशन ?

    The tents that are really cool and waterproof… शायद imported हैं…?
    Looks like camping is protest and protesting is fashion these days.

    With friends in Media, coverage in Guaranteed.
    Medha ji, Aruna ji, etc. इन “Tucch” लोगों से “Kucch” थो सीखो …
    Yeh Gen-X आपकी भी “Guru” हे… एक Chela तो CM बन गया… यह तो उसके भी “BAAP” लगते हैं !


  2. 007 July 13, 2015 / 7:33 am

    Tey doing it and then trivialise. Not easy to be out in the rain for 5 days and counting….


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