Mirambika Crisis: the peaceful sit in protest continues

There is no option but to continue and escalate this protest peacefully. Why? Mangu and Changus have misinterpreted the crystal clear DDA SCN and legal opinion (favouring Mirambika’s movement back in to pre 14/4 premises) as DDA insistence on SAES for a college.  SAES is reported to have replied to the SCN by defending the engg college with some illogical creativity. That will be exposed soon.

Double Agent is busy calling ndtv to stall protest coverage, threatening kids not to be seen with their protesting parents, contacting relatives and friends of protesters to derail the protest and some Diyas have been forced to give stupid questions to the kids relating to the court case, protest, etc. Pickles, may the Mother’s curse be upon him, is running from pillar to post to lobby against legal and regulatory actions by the parents. SAES Trustees are meeting like some Jharkhand MLAs held captive by Mangu for the pursuit of his nefarious agenda.


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