Mirambika Crisis: Mirambika’s 34th birthday on ventilator

Mirambika’s 34th birthday was celebrated this morning by the children at the lawns of the under construction unsafe matchboxy Matri Store Building aka Vatika Barracks. A huge kitchen with many gas cylinders and stoves resides right under this pathetic building and its chimney spews pollutants close to the school’s roof. Construction activity was halted for the celebration. Double Agent is reported to have come out of the Ashram Gate No 6 to invite the protesters. She maintained her sullen face throughout the various performances by children most of which were directed by the Diyas to express acceptance of the unfortunate situation created by Mangu with love, peace and happiness. The program ended with TD reciting a poem by Sri Aurobindo – one wishes she had followed this poem or the poet while Mangu and his Changus executed  24/4 or 1/7 shifts of Mirambika. She still has time to prevent cannibalization of Mirambika by Mangu and wash her sins.

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