Mirambika Crisis: Another parent on fast to press for the rights of Mirambika children

Save Mirambika


As Ajay Jugran’s fast entered its 26th hour this morning, Vivek Dewan accepted the baton and has replaced him at the peaceful protest site. Vivek offered Ajay some tea and biscuits to break his fast.

Meanwhile, Neatpoo was seen desecrating the protest site with his presence and by getting himself photographed in front of the Happy Birthday Mirambika banner with a snuffed out lamp / diya in his hand. He was talking to Ranbir and Kunal about getting photographed in front of / with temporary / impermanent things. Well, Mirambika will outlast his generations for sure!


Since this morning, Ajay Jugran, is on fast at the peaceful sit in protest site opposite the Ashram Gate No. 6. He is protesting against the destruction of free progress integral education ecosystem and violation  by SAES of the rights of Mirambika children.

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3 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: Another parent on fast to press for the rights of Mirambika children

  1. Fence Sitter July 16, 2015 / 11:24 am


    You should know better Mr. XYZ.


    • savemirambika July 16, 2015 / 11:33 am

      Keep sitting on the fence please. That’s a safe place for some.


  2. 007 July 16, 2015 / 11:47 am

    Some things certainly clear. There was no threat to Land (certainly not imminent threat, and possibly ZERO threat), under which the fear of a “possible shift” was engineered, and the sudden clandestine incision of 14th April took place. The problem with Pranjal Jauhar is that he behaved like an 18 year old in a persian harem, too eager to push for his dreams in a hurry…….possibly with or possibly because, or possibly due to his friends.

    What he fogets is he is a CUSTODIAN, not OWNER. Custodian of Mothers’ and Shri Aurobindo’s words and phlosophy. Integral education played a very important role. No matter how marketing spin PJ or his corporate acoomplacies give to the ‘mothers’ divinity in Engineering College’, Integral education as envisioned by the mother is not a top down function.

    Taking the body of Mirmabika built on the mothers symbol away from her children, he is acting like a devine landlord who OWNS rather than behaves.

    may the mother show him and his cronies some light.


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