Mirambika Crisis: This blog is under attack by some parents…..

….who have so far done little to protect the rights of Mirambika children attacked repeatedly by SAES on 14/4, 1/7…….. No one was not invited to read this blog and any one can easily stop reading it but as before, with her latest salvo on All Mbk email group against this blog, Mandakini has given some courtiers of the under pressure SAES an opportunity to divert attention from the wrongs committed by SAES against our children and instead rally under her censorship thread ‘Drop the Blog’. The timing of her attack on the blog is perfect for the violators of child rights to divert attention. Yesterday, a petition by 36 parents in support of the petition by the first 9 parent petitioners was served on SAES and it must have had PJ wondering about the worth of all the favors he took or got from the DOE (incidentally the DOE Director’s children study in MIS controlled by SAES) to try and procure a positive inspection report about the under-construction – unsafe – without fire safety – pathetic acoustics – narrow stairs – no exits – poor air circulation – atop a commercial kitchen – grocery store – bank – under the chimney building where he has shoved our children just because he wants an engineering college to cannibalize the building, facilities and space meant for Mirambika and or MIS. An independent inspection can easily confirm the DOE indulgence toward SAES at the cost of the safety and comfort of our children but what do the SAES courtiers care? They have nothing to write about the foregoing. Anyway, where was this self appointed censor board of parents when Gautam, Sridhar, Narendra, Atishi and others were having a field day taking libelous pot shots at the parent petitioners and their supporters? While some such email can be used for legal action by those viciously attacked for weeks, this blog only shut the attackers up as their guilty leaders voluntarily discovered themselves on the blog by identifying their character traits in the caricatures. You know what happened when one of them recently raised his head to spew more venom.

By the way, what do the SAES courtiers have to say about Mirambika’s birthday celebrations being used to get some children to dance on a pro shift poem by a known courtier’s child?


2 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: This blog is under attack by some parents…..

  1. Bystander July 17, 2015 / 2:48 pm

    Drop the blog!!! Why….bcos it makes some uncomfortable….. Is the truth hurting…..???



  2. Yikes July 18, 2015 / 12:03 am

    Someone wise recently said:

    Even in a police station, they address a murder before they go after a thief who stole a pencil box.

    Let’s talk about the greater injustice, and if many or enough people seem to raise their voices against that, why wouldn’t their voices be heard when they raise it against the ‘pencil-box thief’.

    But raise your voice against injustice first. Be taken seriously by those who are helplessly fighting it. And then see the changes that will occur around you.

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