Mirambika Crisis: PJ meeting his gang

Bhalla, Batra, Kunal, Neeraj, Ravi and Ranvir are in a huddle with PJ. What’s the point? The guy only listens to his voice and is hell bent on destroying the legacy of his uncle. After kicking Mirambika, he has kicked Matri Store – both for an engg college already under a show cause notice from the DDA and so risking repossession of the land by DDA. He should understand that parents will join this process as genuine stakeholders and drive it all to a logical conclusion. This guy surely lacks vision and if his gang members can’t veer him away from the impending disaster, they too are blind!

6 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: PJ meeting his gang

  1. Amit July 19, 2015 / 6:09 pm

    Is he planning another “Murder” ?

    The guy is a crook. He is a certified Ass nicknamed “Devta.” No doubt.
    He hides accounts and thinks everyone else is blind.
    He thinks that his authority is supreme and no one can question him.

    There are allegations of him siphoning off unaccounted cash from the store to buy loyalties in a tiny village so that he be crowned “Devta.” Thereafter he bought huge chunk of land at throwaway prices from the villagers, “Vadra” style.

    But now that the society that manages the store and the society that manages his “Mein Tumhara Devta Hoon” project, are different, I am curious to know of the cash flow and if the modus-operandi still remains the same.

    Be it as it may, why should the store close? It requires to be shifted if a school is to run from that building. Those working in it risk losing jobs. The one and only person responsible for situation is the self styled “Devta” himself.

    This self styled “Devta” won’t blink an eyelid if he was to choose between Mirambika and the Store. No guesses what he would choose.

    I am wondering which idiot gave him the idea to run the school from the building it is currently running from in the first place? Was that idiot him and him alone? No surpises if he puts the blame on someone else. That is his trademark style.

    His aunt with whom he was in a bitter fight for several years soon after his “Mein Tumhara Devta Hoon” project dawned upon him, now defends him like Bhishma Pitamah defended Duryodhana because of his loyalty towards “Hastinapur.” Unfortunate.

    Being Truthful takes a lot of courage and sacrifice. Truth can be frustrated but Falsehood never wins. People easily forget.

    As for the school shifting back, show me the law where it says that the land allotted for a college can be used for a school? Legal opinion is not good enough. That is merely an internal document.

    Also how do you justify a school of merely 149 children on a massive 9.84 acres of prime land?
    No emotions, show me the law. Show me public interest.


    • savemirambika July 19, 2015 / 6:34 pm

      As for the school shifting back, the law has not interfered the school at that site since 1991 and now the DDA SCN and Legal Opinion clearly support the school. Its building was approved by DDA, the lessee with full knowledge of activities proposed to be carried on there by SAES. On top of that there are laws and case laws supporting the premise ‘once a school always a school’, ‘property in use by a school vests in that school’ , etc. That the land allotted for a college can be used for a school gets proven by the fact that since 1991 to date, no regulator has objected to Mirambika running from that site. Legal opinion may not be good enough standalone but DDA has acted on it by issuing a SCN to SAES that only questions the engg college. That is an internal document but like PMO file notings in the 2G Scam, it can be produced in and relied upon by a court.
      We have never justified a school of merely 149 children (plus 23 given mid session admission by MIS to help PJ) on a massive 9.84 acres of prime land. Firstly, 4.84 acres is for a playground shared by Mbk & MIS. Secondly, the parents have always been in favor of growing the school organically till 12th with more classes and more students and have been volunteering to help students learn for long. SAES has not invested in the school for years. Thirdly, we are talking of free progress integral education ecosystem not just a building. Fourthly, part of the Mirambika building was used by SAES as a hostel. Lastly, the land had a Teachers Training Institute (apart from the school, auditorium
      & library) which too has been killed by SAES in preparation for the engg college.


    • Yikes July 20, 2015 / 12:25 am

      The law will state your response one way or another. Have patience. And join the petition if you have the will.


    • TJ PJ Game Over July 20, 2015 / 8:49 am

      Maybe Aunt is in a double role these days. Dhritarashtra who is Blind to accept anyone other than the J khandan.


    • Anupama chib July 20, 2015 / 8:57 pm

      Who says that the school should only have 149 children! If they had true intentions for the progress of Mirambika, they would first focus on increasing the number of children, teachers so that the concept of integral education spreads in all the directions. Why not focus on having a teacher training wing too so that there are more teachers to facilitate n spread this concept. School till 12 th instead of 10th…..


  2. 007 July 20, 2015 / 8:59 am

    The 5 acres of land used by mbk is used by following. I don’t count the 4.84 per say as it is used primarily by MIS and is also commonly called MIS playground.

    – mis students for badminton
    -auditorium and library
    – school fo4 70 children that can go upto 300-350 (25×14)
    – teachers training that can go upto 60-100
    – promotes innovation in education by running autonomous school under section 17.
    – hostel for teachers.

    All accomplished in a harmonious integrated manner; with beauty.

    The only issue is the ‘zidd’ of one man. Institutions cannot thrive this way.

    All things aside his engg college dream is far far far far away. Maybe a traditional college (teachers training) or MIS-2 or MBK may be possible.

    Engg college had one chance…..if he had managed to get children in before parents reacted. Now that will be under litigation for a long time.

    Let’s see how this saga unfolds.


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