Mirambika Crisis: Another excellent parent volunteer fired for resisting SAES’ injustice

After firing Mrs Hooda and Mrs Behera (both long time very hard working parent volunteers helping children learn in Mirambika), Jayanthi Didi has today done the same to Mrs Dewan, the excellent parent volunteer helping Mirambika children with learning Hindi. She had earlier been emotionally blackmailed by KD to sign a vakalat in favor of SAES lawyers – which she withdrew later.

All the parent volunteers so fired oppose the 14/4 shift of Mirambika and do not accept the Matri Store building as the new abode for free progress integral education. The school has no replacements for these volunteers but SAES doesn’t give a damn to that. Let the learning of the children suffer. Who is taking these cruel decisions? Whats the SAES plan then? Through the illegal mid session admission of 20 plus Mirambika kids into MIS (to deliberately reduce its strength) and the firing of parent volunteers (except some known PJ darbaris & their spouses), SAES wants to send a signal that it will close Mirambika if parents don’t accept status quo. KD and JD have been bluntly telling patents to take their kids out if they don’t accept the 14/4 or 1/7 shift of Mirambika. In Singapore or US, they would be jailed for such conduct. Maybe someone should look into JD’s ¬†regulatory status in India lest she continues to be used by SAES as a front for vindictive actions.

SAES needs to understand that such intimidation would be brought to the Court’s knowledge and the same may even force the parents to initiate criminal legal action against PJ and others based on the AICTE record obtained through RTI. Unfortunately, the parent petitioners have been too soft so far. Their petitions do not pray for take over of the school by DOE given the SAES’ inability to run it properly. Maybe its time to amend the said petitions. Also, its time for them to resolve that if Mirambika does not get its pre 14/4 premises back, they would neither let the engg college come up nor let the land remain with SAES.

3 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: Another excellent parent volunteer fired for resisting SAES’ injustice

  1. 007 July 20, 2015 / 4:05 pm

    There could be a case of both wrongful termination.

    that these were volunteer positions is immaterial, as long as it is established these are one-sided only. Dont see Sridhar bhaiya being fired.

    litigation and dharna is a right, and cannot be the grounds of removal.

    Also, all these actions collectively are indicative of actions leading to closure of school, which is a very very very serious charge. The white pant lawyers of SAES know that.


  2. Is this surprise? July 21, 2015 / 6:27 pm

    This should not be surprising for any parent who has questioned anything or been critical to the ‘revered’ didi on any issue in the past. They like running miramnika like a ‘math’ and their ‘subjects’ are not allowed to question the ‘mathadhis’ or the ‘mahant’. Those who do so must be outcasted!!!


  3. MBK Friend July 21, 2015 / 8:00 pm

    The AM is getting desperate and digging its own grave deeper. They know they are fighting a losing battle and hence are getting reckless.


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