Mirambika Crisis: Society missing Late Shri Anil Kumar Jauhar’s leadership

The Society is missing the leadership of Late Shri Anil Kumar Jauhar as its present leadership pushes it into a self destruct mode. While he was alive, no one dared to propose stupid engineering college type of plans. He did not compromise on living out the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. He did not compromise on means for ends. He even approached the courts for enforcing his property rights. One can check out:

Delhi High Court: Anil Kumar Jauhar And Anr. vs Atlas Cycle Industries on 3 March, 1989

Equivalent citations: 38 (1989) DLT 233, 1989 (17) DRJ 83

During his tenure, the allotment of 9.84 acres of land was procured by the Society for Mirambika and related activities. He preserved this allotment through legal action and built Mirambika a home blessed by the Mother. His nephew PJ is doing exactly the opposite. His insistence on having an engineering college in place of Mirambika has got DDA to serve a Show Cause Notice on the Society. If he carries on down the same line and does not let Mirambika re-inhabit its home, the Society is bound to lose the 9.84 acres of land due to misuse for engineering college. If the Society takes DDA to court, PJ’s lawyers alone would become richer and neither the land nor the building upon it would be open for use for at least a decade if not more. Mirambika parents and local residents will join that fight against the engineering college.

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Hope the Mother – who blessed PJ as a child – guides him to a grander vision than depriving 170+ children, diyas & volunteers of their ecosystem for free progress integral education to make way for a shaky engineering college on false & hollow foundations.

6 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: Society missing Late Shri Anil Kumar Jauhar’s leadership

  1. Yikes July 21, 2015 / 11:38 pm

    It isn’t even about what they’re doing. It’s about HOW they are going about their antics. They are destroying every ideal that the Ashram strives for. Used to strive towards. They are mishandling the trust and power that has been invested in them. Pranjal truly believes the entire show is his. And his alone. Who will talk sense and facts into the man? Lest he destroys everything he touches, and before he regrets it, before it’s too late for him.


  2. Bystander July 22, 2015 / 1:23 am

    Let us all pray for PRAN JAL. Somebody please douse water (Jal) over his soul (Pran)


  3. AB July 22, 2015 / 10:50 am

    The following was circulated this morning.

    No party wishes to deal with the issue. They all want to shoot down the messenger.

    It is feared that Mirambika is on the verge of its closure thanks to the ostrich like approach of the management and the confrontationist attitude of petitioners.

    Sad 😦

    Dear Students, Parents, Diyas, Management, & Well wishers of Mirambika,

    Mirambika Free Progress School, as per law Ceases to Exist.
    It is a matter of time before it is forced to shut down.

    Get your Facts Right.

    1. The land from where Mirambika Free Progress school ran prior to 14 April 2014 was allocated to a college. This misuse of the land was brought to the notice of the Management of SAES and Management of the said school. So to say that the management became aware of this fact only recently is not correct. Even Directorate of Education was aware of this fact. The matter was raised again in the Annual General Meeting of SAES on 13.07.2015, but it was not allowed to be discussed stating that the matter is sub-judice. It is shocking that such an alarming issue was not allowed to be discussed.

    2. It is also a fact that the legal opinion of the Cheif Legal Advisor, DDA, which has been procured by some parents under RTI, holds no value until such time that the lease deed is changed to permit running of the school. The Management claims that the lease deed can be changed but the costs are prohibitive. Veracity of the Management’s claim has not been verified.

    3. Mirambika Free Progress school is being presently run in contravention of section 14(1)(d) of the Rules framed by The Government of NCT of Delhi under The Right Of Children To Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, attracting its closure u/s 14(4) & 15 of the said rules. Rule 14(4) in particular states that Schools which do not conform to the norms, standards and conditions of the Act shall cease to function. The said rules are reproduced below as a ready reckoner.

    14. Recognition of schools. ─ (1) Every recognised school, other than a school established, owned or controlled by the Government or Local Authority, established and functioning before the commencement of the Act shall be deemed to be recognised under section 18 of the Act. However, each such school shall make a self declaration within a period of two months of the Notification of these rules in Form 1 (A) to the concerned District Education Officer regarding its compliance or otherwise with the norms and standards specified in the Schedule and fulfilment of the following conditions namely:-

    (d) The school buildings or other structures or the grounds are used only for the purpose of education and skill development.

    (4) Schools which do not conform to the norms, standards and conditions mentioned in sub rule (1) within three years from the commencement of the Act shall cease to function.

    15. Withdrawal of recognition to school. ─ (1) Where the concerned District Education officer on his own motion, or on any representation received from any person, has reason to believe, to be recorded in writing, that a school recognised under rule 14, has violated one or more of the conditions for grant of recognition or has failed to fulfil the norms and standards specified in the Schedule, the said officer shall act in the following manner:—

    (a) Issue a notice to the school specifying the violations of the condition of grant of recognition and seek its explanation within one month.

    (b) In case the explanation is not in conformity with the norms and standards as specified in the Schedule or no explanation is received within the stipulated time period, the concerned District Education Officer may cause an inspection of the school, to be conducted by a Committee of three to five members which shall make due inquiry and submit its report, along with its recommendations for continuation of recognition or its withdrawal, to the Director of Education who may pass an order for continuation of recognition or withdrawal, as the case may be :
    Provided that no order for withdrawal of recognition shall be passed without giving the school adequate opportunity of being heard;
    Provided further that no such order shall be passed by the said officer without prior approval of the Government.

    (2) The order of withdrawal of recognition passed shall be operative from the immediately succeeding academic year and shall specify the neighbourhood schools to which the children of that school shall be admitted.

    4. To prevent Mirambika Free Progress School to close, all sides must sit together to work out an amicable solution that is in compliance with the law. No circumvention of the law should be attempted or sought.

    5. A school and a college functioning from the old building with optimum utilisation of the land is an ideal scenario that requires to be explored with DDA, DoE, AICTE, and any other relevant authority immediately.


    • Azad B5-45 July 22, 2015 / 8:59 pm

      Dear Mr. Amit Bhargava
      Thanks for your unsolicited concern. However , you would feel less threatened, if you could rationally come forward for a dialogue rather than sensationalizing your lopsided interpretation through pamphlets .


  4. Jai Jagannath July 22, 2015 / 7:55 pm

    Who is this? Are u Mr. Amit?

    It seems you are very confused and just want to seek attention.


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