Happy Anniversary Toto and Daksha!!🎈🎢🎈🎢

The anti PJ ideology Mirambika parents camp was in the middle of a lively debate yesterday late evening even as the wedding anniversary of Daksha and Toto was celebrated out on the dharna footpath.

Lawyer parents were for an all out legal attack on the Society and most parents agree that if 14 days of dharna and relay hunger strike has not evoked any good response from the Society, it was surely time to push on all fronts.

As news trickled in about Prabhat’s part open part secret dialogue with PJ darbaris, while all believe that he would never compromise on the take Mirambika home campaign of the camp, there was some confusion. The ladies were particularly agitated as Prabhat suggested that the dharna participants left little space for the opponents to come for discussion. The ladies pointed out that the dharna and the hunger strikers had welcomed any one who approached without discrimination. Some felt that the long dharna was taking its toll on Prabhat and others felt that he was on an ‘I’ trip! Harsh was seen cooling things down through one on one conversations.

There was much discussion about whether the parents should help the Save Matri Store campaign and or the store workers fired by the Society. It was generally agreed that the parents should do nothing other than clarifying that the Society and DOE are responsible for the closure of the store.

This blog was discussed, criticized, appreciated etc etc. A few were of the opinion that the blog posts have harmed the campaign due to its aggression. Some were happy that the recent blog posts were more factual and moderate. Some wanted the blog to hit out at the well known PJ darbaris any which way.

PJ camp follower Jasmeet joined in and after repeating her well known views about how she sees nothing majorly wrong on the part of the Society, she was seen engaged in a long discussion with JB, Tarun and Prabhat.

A report about case preparation for July 24th gave the camp much confidence that the external lawyers were on the right track.

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Toto and Daksha!!🎈🎢🎈🎢

  1. Thinking July 23, 2015 / 9:40 am

    Nando Psycho?
    Can someone expalin what that means?


  2. Anupama chib July 23, 2015 / 7:24 pm

    I would again insist that please keep only factual material in the blog. The way personal conversations are written about , it seems that I would hv to go silent / maun vrat lest I wl be written about next.Its really disappointing that personal stuff is still being written on the blog, in a direct way or indirect way. It takes the focus away from the real issue. Let people respect the blog and not treat it like daily soap. Pls pls pls think about it.


    • savemirambika July 23, 2015 / 8:28 pm

      Don’t write names, don’t refer to conversations, don’t quote from emails……how then to write facts?


      • Anupama chib July 23, 2015 / 10:47 pm

        Ok fine, miss the point if you must.


  3. Anupama chib July 24, 2015 / 6:26 am

    On one hand it is said that the dharna is a platform for everyone to come and chat and on the other hand you write about the conversations people have there. And when you give people titles like ‘ p j camp follower ‘ etc, in what way is the dharna site welcoming everyone to talk? Just because someone has a different views than ours dsnt mean that she is a pj camp follower? Not everyone is a follower of one camp or the other. Just because I want mirambika to go back to the original building dsnt mean I am any camp follower. I have my own views,no matter what anyone thinks. Till you keep writing ‘ pj darbari’, ” not pj darbari ‘ and giving such titles to people and till the management dsnt stop spreading false stories about petitioner parents, there can’t be real peace in this journey of ours. Do take this as constructive criticism. Thank you


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