Mirambika Crisis: some news

Prabhat retired from the peaceful sit in protest yesterday.

Ajay went on another fast yesterday. Toto took over the fast relay from him in the morning.

A parent conducted an interesting footpath session on understanding stress yesterday night. About 25 parents attended. A follow up session will take place today at 830 pm.

There is a court hearing today but the lawyers are on strike. This will give PJ some more time to try and make the unsafe & incomplete Matri Store building a bit more compliant with the law concerning school buildings. However, this expense too – just as what he incurred for the engg college – will go waste as parents have vowed to get their children back into the Mirambika building use all legal means right till the Supreme Court. Some are pushing for immediate criminal legal action on the basis of SAES collusion with DOE and AICTE, others want to wait till the next hearing.

One Amit Bharghav has filed an application to intervene in the parents vs SAES case. He claims to be an RTI activist who had earlier exposed DOE – SAES, etc nexus. His application supports neither SAES nor the parents and seeks removal of SAES management, etc. There is a rumor that he had an altercation with the Jauhars a few days ago following which police visited the Ashram. Yesterday, he was seen distributing some pamphlets near Gate No. 6 containing his views regarding theย parents vs SAES case.


2 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: some news

  1. 007 July 24, 2015 / 2:18 pm

    I thought he was an intelligent dude….just turn out
    ..just another frusto


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