DoE tells DDA cancel lease of 4 bodies running Ryan schools – The Times of India

The same DoE – which found little or nothing wrong with its darling SAES shoving Mirambika children into the residential Ashram premises on April 14th (without its prior approval and without any notice to or consultation with the parents) and later into the not meant for the purpose incomplete and unsafe Matri Store building without fire safety etc compliance – has been very aggressive about checking land use by other entities and has in fact written to DDA about canceling the leases in some cases.
“NEW DELHI: Directorate of Education, Delhi, has written to DDA asking it to cancel the lease deeds of four societies which are running Ryan International schools in Rohini.

The DoE letter of March 5 says that all four societies have made leave & license agreements with effect from February 1, 2008 “with St Lawrence Education Society which is running Ryan International School at Sector 25, Rohini, Delhi, to run schools in the name of Ryan International School from their premises, which is a clear-cut violation of terms & conditions of land allotment/lease deed.

The letter says that “there is a clause in land allotment letter that the land shall not be transferred / subleased to any other organization/ department by the society without prior permission of DDA obtained in writing.”

Why is the DoE not protecting the 34 year old Mirambika – the only free progress integral education school in Delhi?
Why is the DoE helping create a situation whereby SAES may use the pre April 14th Mirambika building, space & facilities for an engineering college?
These matters need to be investigated and concerned SAES and DoE officials must be punished. Hopefully, with MIS parent Singla reportedly out of DoE, Renu Sharma will see some light and save herself from indulging SAES any further. She has earlier faced a show cause from the Information Commissioner. Mirambika parents are preparing to complain against DoE’s dereliction of duty, etc in their matter and are determined to have the SAES – DoE collusion investigated. That will extend to MIS matters as well.

2 thoughts on “DoE tells DDA cancel lease of 4 bodies running Ryan schools – The Times of India

  1. Yikes July 29, 2015 / 11:54 pm

    Mirambika goes home and Pranjal leaves town. If dreams would come true.


  2. Bystander July 30, 2015 / 12:28 am

    TD should send him back to kechla..
    And run the ashram. May the Mother appear in her dreams and tell her so!!!


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