Mirambika Crisis: consequences of PJ winning the case in his dream

If PJ wins the case against the parent petitioners in his dream, he may have his engg college and eat it too but what a nightmare would begin to unfold by the time he wakes up – DDA won’t want to let PJ realize even a moment of his dream. Given SAES’ admission in its reply to DDA SCN that it had not used the land for the purpose it was allotted in 1984 (SAES could have replied mentioning Mirambika School existing and running from there which DDA SCN does not question and DDA CLA has opined in favor of) and it now in 2015 (after 31 years)  wants to start using the allotted land for an engg college per the Master Plan, DDA would levy heavy penalty on SAES for misuse of that land, and repossess and auction the same as per the same Master Plan and other applicable rules. At the same time, owners of 100s of other schools in Delhi with any commercially exploitable plot of land who have been watching the Mirambika case would start emulating PJ – downsize their schools – shift them to pigeon holes – make money out of the excess land. Fortunately, the judge going to hear the case later today has never opened any Pandora’s box for the greedy and, going by his past judgments, he is fully aware of the the Delhi education scenario and capable of dealing strictly with heartless businessmen disguised as god-men. In his consistency lives the hope of the parent petitioners.


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