Mirambika Crisis: No compromise possible

Email reports of PJ courtiers over WhatsApp and All Mirambika Email about July 30th court proceedings indicate that they are either aware of the decision that the judge will give or are convinced that he’ll simply follow a devil’s advocate approach in his judgment. While all that reporting is very difficult to believe, very strange and suspicious, if its true, parent petitioners must avoid falling into the trap of the so called “non-confrontational approach” allegedly expounded by the judge while asking unreasonable questions to or dismissing factual statements and legal arguments preferred by their counsel. Don’t give the judge any opportunity to pass a non-appealable order based on an agreement forced by his approach and words in open court – as reported by PJ courtiers over WhatsApp and All Mirambika Email. Request him to give a reasoned decision with findings on all issues raised. If he wants to dismiss the petition even without giving reasons, let him do so. It would be best to get out of his court and go in appeal than to drag the matter before him and allow PJ to try and perfect an alternative that the parent petitioners never sought and must not accept. The battle won’t end here and SAES reps will find it very hard to continue their shenanigans if the parent petitioners force more and more media scrutiny of the matter. If things actually unravel as reported by PJ courtiers over WhatsApp and All Mirambika Email, make a press release and call a press conference to bare it all. Fight on for justice using all fair means!

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