Mirambika Crisis: SAES continues to keep children in a building that has failed to meet fire safety standards

On 29/7/2015, the Delhi Fire Service rejected SAES’ request for fire safety certificate in r/o of the Matri Store building. However, in total disregard for the safety of Mirambika children, SAES continues to drag the case before the Delhi High Court even as it everyday shoves hapless Mirambika children into that building in violation of the applicable law and related Supreme Court rulings. The Delhi Fire Service has found the following glaring fire safety violations in the said building:

  1. one more staircase is required from first floor to terrace floor
  2. first aid hose reels are not provided
  3. fire pump of 450 lpm capacity with on / off is not provided at terrace level
  4. overhead water tank of 10,000 ltrs capacity for fire fighting at terrace level is not provided
  5. exit signages are not provided anywhere in the building
  6. a kitchen having area more than 200 sqm with gas pipe line was found functioning at ground floor

The above calls for an immediate police complaint against SAES officials. Those aggrieved can also write to the Chief Justice of India, the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court at the Lt. Governor of Delhi seeking their immediate intervention in the matter in the interest of the safety of Mirambika children.


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