Mirambika Crisis: School & Teachers Training Institute can co-exist – SAES has nothing more left to justify dislocation of Mirambika

To justify the brutal shifting of Mirambika on April 14th from its ecosystem, a key argument put forward by SAES reps was that a school and a teachers training college cannot co-exist. However, the notification dated 6/5/11 issued by the Government of Delhi allows a School and Teachers Training Institute to run together on 2.5 acre of land. 
Although the 9.84 acre land leased by DDA to SAES was meant for a college building and the Teachers Training Institute that was set up there was not initially recognized by any government body (and did not need such recognition until 1995 when NCTE came into existence), Mirambika became a DOE recognized school. After the NCTE began to grant recognition, the elementary teacher education course run by the Mirambika Teacher Training Institute did receive some form of approval in the year 2000, and this approval is continuing on date. 
Therefore, SAES need not shut down the Teachers Training Institute or Mirambika to comply with the lease granted by DDA. The Teachers Training Institute meets the definition of “college” any which way one looks at it as far as the DDA is concerned. DDA accepted SAES Secretary Mr Kashyap’s 1984 affidavit as regards the same. For decades, DDA has not questioned it and since Mirambika was / is a part of the Teachers Training Institute, no regulator can have a problem with it in light of the NCTE guidelines. 

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