Social media pressure rattling Pranjal Jauhar and his supporters

Although so far the Save Mirambika campaign has only released very little from the large social media content it has prepared, Pranjal Jauhar and his supporters are clearly rattled by it. They started an online petition to confuse the Save Mirambika supporters, are making calls to and posting falsehood to discourage the celebrities espousing the Save Mirambika cause. It is our misfortune that some of these PJ supporters are Mirambika parents too but blinded by business interests and personal aimbition. One of them is a known photoshopper (provider of doctored pictures to PJ for supporting SAES reply in the court) and the other recently revealed himself to be an incompetent stenographer having a selective memory filled with convenient pro PJ views as he reported on a certain court proceeding. They both have been rebutted and should better guard PJ against the social media deluge that will expose him and his completely from now on.

Readers will recall that after having been illegally thrown out of its ecosystem on April 14th and into the residential Ashram by PJ, Mirambika was again shifted to the incomplete fire safety failed Matri store building (again on residential Ashram land no meant for school) on July 1st even as the court case was pending. Same PJ is now avoiding dialogue (based on due diligence by parents that establishes through documents that a teachers training institute and school – Mirambika – can co-exist on the land in question) to resolve the case out of court by citing legal advice that the matter is ‘sub-judice’. How convenient? PJ could shift the school on July 1st into the Matri store building while the matter was in court but he thwarts any attempt to resolve the case out of court by citing ‘sub-judice’. His arrogance makes him stand confidently on a legal quagmire…………………not for long!

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