Mirambika parent Nanni’s poem reminisces ….what is to be recovered

Anthem one
by now, winter had sent in
the birds flown
the fragrance forgotten
the flowers
on ice
her frosty fingers
curled so gently
around the hearts
that still were beating
and breathless
invoking a homecoming
a threshold
beyond which
shimmered a possibility
of something past
like the roots of some ancient tree
slowly unfolding
to a deep rhythm,
all was silent
and yet in motion
the land, imbued
and consecrated with
countless prayer ceremonies
and celebrations
offered to the heroes
of eternity
danced, sung, enacted
felt,by the flawless
hearts of children,
their first schooling
in the arts of self
and divinity, all their own
did those prayers
not hallow the ground
upon which they were offered?
did those prayers
not blow upon the winds?
the love of a land
it is said
is a big and deep love
in this love, lies not just the survival
of our kind
but the flowering of
our spirits
what we call home
in its deepest sense
is where our centre
belongs, where we
learn to come
where we ground
and uncurl our wings
now in exile,
the winter
bites and offers
only the unknowable
spring must wait
as must a trembling desire
for the forests and flowers
of mirambika
for her banyan, her turtles
her fish, her geese
and other deities
that we had come to think of
as our own,
they are the ones we had prayed to
and been nourished by
in turn…
Nanni (mother, i was told, to all the children of mirambika)

3 thoughts on “Mirambika parent Nanni’s poem reminisces ….what is to be recovered

  1. Blog Gone Commercial? August 8, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    With advertisements appearing on this blog, one wonders if the blog has turned into a commercial venture?


  2. 007 August 8, 2015 / 7:54 pm

    The blog has not gobe commercial but viral…hence looks like WordPress has inserted ads seeing the activity. Good job blogger and parents. Amazed at the energy you all posess. If only the fool pj could have harnessed it for building mirambika rather than undermining it.


  3. Yikes August 9, 2015 / 10:02 am

    But if ‘blog gone commercial’ person wants to invest in the cause – there are many ways you could do so. Please write a private mail to the blog email id.
    And thanks in advance for your help with the cause.


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