SAES’ love for Mirambika was all a sham, by hook or crook it just wanted an engineering college in its place

In SAES’ reply to the petition filed by the 36 parents, (a reply signed by Pranjal Jauhar and Kamala Menon), defending the AICTE approval obtained by it for the engineering college in place of Mirambika (after having vacated the Mirambika school building by sending the children for a picnic on March 20th, 2015 to present it for inspection to collusive AICTE officials as a ‘college building’), it blatantly says:

It is trite that a school and college cannot run on the same building premises, and of course the AICTE approval is premised on the fact that it is only a college which would run on the college land. Since the school has already been shifted, there is no illegality in the AICTE approval.
The main inspection of the AICTE, based on which approval was granted by the AICTE, was only conducted on 20th April, 2015 and by which date the school had already shifted.
End Quote
With SAES’ total disregard for Mirambika children and its lies getting exposed one after the other, the parent petitioners are even more determined NOT to compromise on this matter and take it right through to the Supreme Court for seeking justice.

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