Peaceful sit in ptotest / Dharna attacked on 26/8 by the KRPD Gang – video to be uploaded

Shaken by the last court hearing not having gone SAES way despite presenting so many lies through the lawyers and the Dharna posters asking TD and PJ by name to honor the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as well as the last wish of Shri S N Jauhar, Puneet and Dinesh were back at it yesterday (with their friend Kunal pretending to talk sense) to disturb and vandalize the Dharna Sthal. It is reported that they came charged from the Ashram and went back in there after creating the ruckus which the Ashram / an Ashramite reported to the police to try and get the Dharna vacated. Realizing that footage from the Ashram CCTV focused on the Dharna Sthal would have incriminated them, post consultation with senior Ashramites, the rabid gang members whimpered away with their tails between their legs.

While retaining the original video of this episode for police purposes, we are editing it a bit to suppress the sexist abuses used by one of the fourth time offenders. Will upload soon.


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