The Mother gave many signals to TD which are very relevant in the Mirambika Crisis created by PJ

On Page 134 – ‘Growing up with the Mother’ – Tara Jauhar recounts:

It was Lata’s birthday on 10th April when we went together to see the Mother in the afternoon. An interesting incident took place during this photography adventure of mine. There were twelve shots in the roll. While I took my sister Lata’s photos with the Mother, she did not say anything. I took ten pictures.

Then I wanted to take a close up of the Mother alone and asked Her permission. She said, “only one”, and I took that. Since the roll had only one shot left, I tried to take a second one and She said “Ca sufit” (that’s enough), but I still clicked the shutter. When the film was developed, the Lata with the Mother twelfth shot was completely blank!

Till today I have not been able to solve the mystery of how it could have happened as my Rolleiflex camera had a built-in mechanism not to wind forward unless it had clicked.”

What was the Mother conveying to TD? Let the robe of virtue fall to be ready for the Truth. Surrender to the Divine, do not disobey, do not over reach…….otherwise you will get a blank! That’s what we are telling the Jauhars today. Don’t undermine or sacrifice the Mother’s blessings that have manifested in Mirambika……………………otherwise you will get a blank!

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