Some conversations of the Mother with Satprem give an insight into the Mirambika Crisis – with supporting links at the bottom

Save Mirambika

These conversations are of the Mother with Satprem who used to record the Mother’s voice and his collection was named ‘The Mother’s Agenda’. Here are a few extracts taken from the Agenda which reveal the Mother’s view on Tara Jauhar Didi.

          T. or T. J. here stands for Tara Didi.

          The Mother: But T. [who asks “questions” on the Aphorisms] sends me four or five of them at one go, without space to answer each… so I only answer the last one!

          It would be good to say, “Let our robe of virtue fall so we may be ready for the Truth.”

 January 7, 1961

Mother generally worked a little every day on the French translation of The Synthesis of Yoga.

          The Mother: …I haven’t touched my translations for over a week. T. sent me her notebook with questions and I had it for two weeks before I…

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