Is Sri Aurobindo Delhi Ashram illegally occupying about 6 acres of govt land?

To see the report with supporting attachments, please click Land Tangle (1)

Report without attachments is as follows:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram complex or Ashram campus, consists of three separate, distinct and independent plots of land.

  • Mirambika Land: 9.84 acre allotted by DDA vide two separate lease deeds (a) five acres  for “college building” and (b) 4.84 acre for playground
  • Mother’s International School Land: Total land allotted 10.28 acres However, due to court case, etc., only 9.28 acre land is with MIS. In the link above there is a relevant extract from the reply to our related RTI query.
  • Ashram Land: DDA joint Inspection was carried out on 17th April, 2015 and the related report dated 22nd April, 2015 is set out in the link above.

From the documents extracted in the link above, it is clear that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch (SAA-DB) did not have   any ownership documents to produce before the Joint Inspection Team of DDA as late as on 17th April, 2015.

The foregoing position has been the same throughout. While considering the plan for building sanction, the Standing Committee of MCD noted – see in the link above.

Earlier Approval:

The Standing Committee vide Resolution No. 275 dated 7.6.1968 approved the layout plan on an area of 14.78 acres for Sri Aurobindo Ashram Complex and School. A revision was approved by the Standing Committee vide Resolution No.455 dated 4.10.1974. As per the layout plan approved in 1968, out of the total area of 14.78 acres, 5.37 acres were transferred by Delhi Admn. to Sri Aurobindo Trust for the school and remaining area was for the ashram. The Standing Committee vide Resolution No. 212 dated 13.10.1997 approved sub-division/ layout plan of the school premises over an area of 5.37 acre. The remaining area i.e. 9.41 acre was to be utilized for Sri Aurobindo Ashram Complex. The revised layout plan was approved by the Standing Committee vide resolution no. 383/Stg. dated 16.12.1998. Thereafter, the conditions no. 4 & 6 of aforesaid resolution dated 16.12.1998 were amended by the Standing Committee vide Resolution No. 447 dated 24.01.2000. Further, the revised layout plan of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Complex was approved by the Standing Committee vide Resolution No. 323 dated 05.10.2005.

It further noted:

Area and Location:

The total area of the site for which the proposal has been submitted is 9.41 acres (38092 sqm.). The site is bounded as under:-

North  – Mother’s International School

South -60’00’ wide road (as per approval layout plan of  Sarvodaya Enclave)

West  -60 m wide Aurobindo Marg (as per ZDP-Zone-P  approved  under MPD-2021)

East   – Other’s property & 100’00” wide Zonal Green (as per approved layout plan of Sarvodaya Enclave)

Access to the site is drawn from 60’00”wide road.


The revised layout plan of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Complex was approved by the Standing Committee vide resolution no. 323 dated 05.10.2005 on area admeasuring 9.41 acres (38092 sq.mts.). The contents of the Resolution No. 323 dated 05.10.2005 of the Standing Committee regarding ownership are as under:

“For verification of the ownership of the site of 9.41 acres the matter was transferred to Tehsildar, Mehrauli and the applicant was also asked to produce the documents in support of the ownership. As submitted by the applicant the land measuring 2.98 acres was given to Shri Aurobindo Ashram Trust in 1966 and lease has been executed.

For the remaining land of 6.43 acres, Tehsildar, Hauz Khas vide letter no. TEC (HK)/98/1414 dated 01.09.1998 clarified that as per the revenue record, the land measuring 27 bigha and 8 biswa (5.71 acre) of Khasras No. 336/263, 337/363, 337/236, 260/201-205, 334/262, 335/262 277/206, 278/206, 209, 210 and 207 is in name of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

The land measuring 3 bigha and 10 biswa (0.72 acre) of Khasras no. 113 and 207 (Min.) is in the name of Central Govt. as per the revenue record but in possession of Sri Aurobindo Ashram; out of this land of 3 bigha & 10 biswa, the applicant submitted the deed of conveyance dated 16.02.1968 for 3 bigha & 2 biswa in favour of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust signed by the Asst. Settlement Commissioner, Department of Rehabilitation, New Delhi. For the remaining land of 8 biswa (approx. 337 no documents have been submitted by the applicant and as stated above this has been shown as per revenue record in possession of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

The difference of area between the land in possession and the land as per record was noted in the preamble put up before the Standing Committee in 1968 and the applicant was asked to give an Indemnity Bond in favor of the Corporation against any litigation and dispute with respect to ownership of land. With this condition, the layout plan was approved earlier by the Standing Committee. Similar bond shall be executed by the Ashram Authorities now.”

The land revenue documents accessed by us, however, tell a different story. The position is as follows:

Land as per MCD in name of SAA Area
1. Khasra No:336/263 1.16 Bigha
2. Khasra No:337/363
3. Khasra No:337/236 2.75 Bigha
4. Khasra No: 260/201-205 1.14 Bigha
5. Khasra No: 334/262 2.30 Bigha
Khasra No: 335/262 2.20 Bigha
6. Khasra No:277/206 3.18 Bigha
7. Khasra No:278/206 4.15 Bigha
8. Khasra No:209 0.17 Bigha
9. Khasra No: 210 4.16 Bigha
10. Khasra No: 207 0.16 Bigha
Total 21.37 Bigha

5.13 acre

Land as per MCD in name of Central Government but in possession of SAA-DB
Khasra No: 207

3.10 Bigha

Khasra No: 113

Land in name of the Government but in possession of SAA-DB:

1.. Khasra No: 208 1.13 Bigha
2. Khasra No: 208 part 1.13 Bigha
3. Khasra No: 211 3.06 Bigha
4. Khasra No: 283/212 1.09 Bigha
5. Khasra No: 284/212 1.17 Bigha
6. Khasra No: 213 1.19 Bigha
7. Khasra No: 214 3.70 Bigha
8. Khasra No: 215 4.90 Bigha
9. Khasra No: 215 part 4 .90


22.27+3.10Bigha=6.09 acre

Thus, it appears from official / public documents accessed by us that about 6 acre of prime government land is in possession of the Ashram without any contractual or legal basis. Given this glaring well documented illegality, would the Ashram now please shift to another piece of land just as it moved Mirambika to an under construction – non compliant – fire safety failed – not meant for free progress integral education purpose – Matri Store building based on the perceived DDA threat discovered and advised by the one and only wily Acharya? Let a govt school and or hospital for the poor be made on these 6 acres of land.

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