Parents email Pranjal Jauhar & Kamala Didi about ownership etc of the land on which Matri store building is located

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From: xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 2:15 PM
Subject: {Mirambika All Parents} clarification regarding land use
To:, Pranjal Jauhar <>, Kamala Menon <>

Mr. Pranjal Jauhar and Ms. Kamala Menon,
I read with interest the reply filed by both of you in the courts. This reply is in continuation to the previous reply filed by both of you earlier, which stated that the 9.84 acres of land where our beloved Mirambika was located before 14/04/2015, was not meant for the school and we were operating there illegally. Now you have shifted our beloved school to a permanent and ‘apparently legal’ space.which I do believe.
When all of us came to get our kids admitted to Mirambika, we never thought that we were getting our kids admitted into an illegal school so far as land use is concerned as we never thought that our beloved school  and the venerable SAES can commit any violation . I may give you a benefit of doubt for having overlooked the ‘legalities’. But now, that you are so kindly ‘correcting’ the previous ‘illegality’ and have shifted the school permanently in this building( from where it is functioning these days) which is in the ‘freehold land, free from any encumbrances or hindrances’, and fit for running a school so far as land use is concerned, may I and the other parents request you to provide the land ownership documents of the same land and also the permitted land use for the same land as the future of our kids is at stake, because we are scared that the concerned Authorities don’t force the closure of School in mid session due to land misuse reasons.. Once bitten, twice shy. I hope you can understand our anxiety, and we would like to be sure that once again you are not making a mistake by housing the school and the ashram on the same piece of land, which to my limited knowledge, is not legally allowed.
So kindly share the ownership documents and the land use document of the land where Mirambika school is currently shifted by you with the parent community.
Thanks and Regard
mother of xxxx (xxxx Group)

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