Save Mirambika – announcement of new approach by the campaigners

After having heard SAES Chairman Dr. Bijlani’s rambling self-righteous monologue during yesterday’s meeting with him, incidentally arranged at the insistence of PJ’s courtiers, the Save Mirambika campaigners have made the following decisions:

1. Transform the 56 days old peaceful sit in into a daytime protest so that they get time to direct their energies for (2) below and make their campaign more visible.

2. Pursue not just the restoration of Mirambika into its pre 14/4 ecosystem but also attack land ownership and user related illegalities discovered in the existence and running of the Ashram and the Mother’s International School.

To mark this new approach, the Save Mirambika campaigners (a) organised a highly successful blood and eye donation camp at the Shiv Mandir this morning together with Sarvodaya residents. The latter have already taken legal action to stop the engineering college proposed by SAES in the neighborhood; (b) reduced the physical infrastructure of the protest site; (c) distributed beautiful Mirambika Forever pins to children & parents; and (d) distributed sweets.


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