Court cases: Bijlani – Pranjal Jauhar – Acharya led SAES on the backfoot – update

  1. In the morning, the Sarvodaya Enclave residents petition against the SAES proposed engg college was clubbed with the writ petitions filed by the Mirambika parent petitioners seeking restoration of Mirambika back into its pre 14/4 ecosystem.
  2. The lawyer for the 36 parent petitioners, Kanika Agnihotri, resumed her arguments. She presented the case well and the Judge recognized that the petitioners had a genuine grievance about the 14/4 shift of Mirambika per se and into an under construction non fire safety compliant building. His query regarding how that grievance could be redressed given that the law only provided for de-recognition of the school in such a case evoked childish giggles from the absentee Pranjal Jauhars’ boot-lickers present in the back rows. The petitioners soon had the quiet last laugh when Kanika built the case to convince the Judge that the 14/4 shift of Mirambika by SAES was aimed at closing the school through mal-administration which cannot be allowed. Kanika preferred many other good arguments and supported them with case laws that the Judge appreciated.
  3. Though the Judge heard Kanika ten minutes beyond the Court time, the matter had to be adjourned to be heard now on Thursday, Sept 10th.
  4. On Sept 10th, Kanika will conclude her arguments and lawyer for the 9 parent petitioners, Gopal Shankarnarayan, too will get an opportunity to wrap up his arguments.
  5. Though the Sarvodaya Enclave residents petition against the SAES proposed engg college could not be heard, the presence of two senior lawyers residing in Sarvodaya Enclave, Mr Vashisth and Mr Krishna Kumar, visibly dented the confidence of SAES reps led by ‘DDA Angel’ Acharya.

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