Pranjal Jauhar & his courtiers suggesting ‘no appeal from High Court judgment’ approach

How come those who acted without conscience and in breach of law in uprooting Mirambika from its ecosystem on 14/4 and shifting it twice into unsafe, under construction, non fire safety compliant premises……………….premises not meant for school purposes ……premises not meant for free progress integral education………………..premises not built on land meant for school……are so sure of winning the case before the single judge hearing it in the Delhi High Court? Yes, the judge initially wanted the matter to be resolved ‘in a non-confrontational manner’ but much water has flown under the bridge since and thanks to the arguments of the parent petitioners he is now beginning to understand that SAES under PJ’s sway has victimized Mirambika children & parents. Will PJ not appeal if he loses the case?

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