Why is Pranjal Jauhar scared of Mirambika shifting back into the space it was in since 1991?

Despite the Delhi Development Authority’s strong Show Cause Notice against the proposed engineering college in place of Mirambika (existing there since 1991) and the Teachers Training Institute and the ‘lets invite more trouble from DDA’ by being more aggressive (उल्टा चोर कोतवाल को डांटे ) line taken by SAES in its reply to the SCN, having committed the ill (read Acharya) advised blunder the consequences of which are beginning to engulf his grandpa’s legacy now, Pranjal Jauhar is unwilling to shift Mirambika back into the space because (विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि ) the King of Kechla:

  1. Does not want his engineering college pipe-dream to go kaput forever. (Acting wisely, he can negotiate a time bound creation of comparable alternative space for Mirambika with the parent petitioners, save the 9.84 acre land leased @ Rs 5,000 / acre by DDA from being repossessed by DDA / being the subject matter of litigation till he finally grows up ………out of Acharya’s shadow…. and then get his godforsaken engineering college – if the Court, DDA and Sarvodaya residents allow – up and running from the land his father is reported to have been un-cermoniously dispossessed for daring to rebel against the grandpa’s diktats and which grandpa’s legacy he is consciously or sub-consciously now destroying.)
  2. Believes that the relationships carefully cultivated by the Ashram with powerful political leaders, lawyers and bureaucrats will yet again bail him and SAES out. Having started, benefited and flourished mostly under the Congress regime, SAES needs to realize that the times have changed. Its main political benefactor is not in power, the Right to Information in place for even the meekest to obtain all information and documents needed for a sustained fight for a cause, the conventional media is no more in the hands of a few while the social media is free and liberal enough to support all good causes.
  3. Is unable to drop his ego.IMG_1725

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